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Linko, the genuine source for legal contact information to 45,000 movers and shakers in Israel

Linko is a database containing information about 45,000 top executives of Israel, which allows you to communicate with each of them directly. 

Linko provides you accurate mailing lists with full contact information, including name, title, job description, direct telephone and fax

Linko is the most updated version of "who is who in Israel", categorized upon the job description each of our data base member's belongs to.

You can find in Linko's mailing lists thousands of CEOs and General Managers, CFOs, marketing & business developers, IT & R&D specialists, human resource experts, purchasing and operation managers and many more, from all leading companies in Israel.

In our database you can find top Israeli managers in the financial, medical and academy arenas as well as political leaders, scholars, opinion leaders and celebrities. Linko is the perfect source for contacting all top executives in the Israeli establishment including all Governmental bodies as well as local authorities. 

Linko is a mailing list provider, licensed by the Justice Ministry of Israel, sales its mailing lists for, unlimited repeated use, and guarantees a 92%-95%accuracy.

You may contact us at 972-9-9569561 or by mail

numbers, postal address and email address for only 3.00 NIS per contact. 

* The minimum order is of 1,000 records, cost 3,000 NIS not including VAT.

Category No. Category Number of records App. Price Israel Shekel
1 Leaders, National System Managers, Senior Managers, (Including categories 2 and 3 and wealthy families 19 7,064 21,000
2 CEO's  and Chairpersons of Israeli business Corporations 5,005 15,000
3 Leaders of Israel Society, Academy, and Establishment 1,000 5,500
4 Israel CFO's, Financial Managers 2,321 6,900
5 Israel Marketing, Sales and Business development Managers 2,432 7,200
6 Israel Procurement, Logistic and Operation Managers 1,797 5,300
7 Israel Human Recourses and Welfare Managers 1,431 4,350
8 Israel IT and R&D Managers 1,034 3,000
9 Customer Service Managers 304 *890
10 Israel Unions and Employees' Committee Chairpersons 1,012 3,000
11 Israel Spokespersons and Media Consultants 791 2,300
12 Israel Executive  Professionals, Physicians, Lawyers, Architects 3,509 10,200
13 Israel Advertizing and PR Agency managers 1,218 3,700
14 Israel Export-Import and Business Development Services 568 *1,700
15 Israel Leaders of Written and Broadcasted Media of Israel 4,597 13,000
16 Israel Senior Establishment Managers and Elected Representatives 8,175 23,100
17 Israel Court of Law Judges and Managers of Israel Juristic System 731 *1,600
18 The Israel Ladies in Managment Positions 8,196 28,400

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